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Slant Bed TurningSlant Bed Turning - 600 Group & the very latest HAAS Slant Beds lathes are run back to back with operative programmers working multiple machines to maximise efficiency.

Metals and Plastics are readily tuned in short lead times which can be processed in days rather than weeks for single operational assistance to ease customer production bottle necks.


Sliding Head TurningSliding Head Turning - with 10 axis has the capability to continuously produce high volume components, and as 'complete', utilizing the excellent mill turn capability.

Only limited by the maximum capacity of 32mm, with volume quantities in excess of 1,000 off machined from stainless steels, cobalt chrome and titanium grades to mention a few. Highly alloyed specialist products from within the aerospace sector are a speciality.


CNC MillingCNC Milling - We have a good level of capacity for 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC milling operations, utilising on-machine programming with the ability to compile post processed programmes with the latest CAM software.

Manufacturing our own jigs and fixtures, we can quote separately or incorporate the costs, spreading them across relative volumes quoted.


CNC GridingCNC Griding - We use ANCA 5-axis grinding machines to produce cutting tools such as drills, reamers and rasps, using the latest NX Unigraphics software to CAM the cutting geometries.


Finishing & AssemblyFinishing & Assembly - Without doubt, we have a most comprehensive finishing section with a dedicated and highly skilled team of finishers and polishers.

Close attention to detail and functionality when completing assemblies are key disciplines. We have the ability to provide machined, coated, satin blast and highly polished finishes to customer specifications.


Quality SystemQuality System - Registered to BS EN ISO 13485:2003 (LRQ 4005954B), 9001:2008 (LRQ 4005954), and with a system that is audited every nine months by LRQA assessors. We are also accredited to Japanese Ordinance 169 for supply of medical instruments into Japan.

An open door policy attracts visits from many of our customers, with their relative key quality related personnel undertaking on-site audits.


Design FacilityDesign Facility - We are able to offer product assistance from conception to completion, utilising multiple seats of the market leading Solid Works and NX Unigraphics CAD software.

We produce working drawings and models that can be attached to email, with the ability to utilise interactive e-drawings functionality, thus enabling the smallest design and engineering proposition to presented in the most professional manner.

It should be noted that the group has access to a wider range of machinery with in excess of 30 CNC and 60 conventional machines, together with our ability to access other specialist services in the Sheffield and surrounding area, to complete complex projects.

We will be pleased to receive enquiries via telephone or fax, and can work with most common formats such as AutoCAD .DWG, Solid Works .SDLPRT (Our Preferred Format), with the ability to open most leading CAD and CAM file formats, including .IGES.