Overview of Sheffield Precision Medical (SPML)


ISO 13485 for Medical Devices

FDA Registered Contract Manufacturer

Design to Manufacture from Concept to Market

Single Items or Fully Kitted Instrument Sets

Our web site is to be updated, however the PDF brief below gives concise coverage and this can be opened for viewing, printing or saving to disc.

The Company specialises in the manufacture and supply of precision orthopaedic medical instrumentation, having a wide range of expertise that enables SPML to offer Research & Development assistance to existing and potential accounts through the UK and international market sectors.

SPML embraces the latest production technologies, using CAD, CAM & Post Processed CNC manufacturing techniques, together with CAD model to CMM inspection, and 'live clocking' measured processed Production Control.

The Company is proving that despite the competitive nature of global economies where there is now an excellent level of local and western investment that by utilising cutting edge technologies to a high degree of efficiency, a clearly competitive service can be offered from the UK.

It is impossible to list all of the products that we manufacture as these are constantly evolving from a variety of sources, including on-going project development driven by the joint efforts of our own design team, and those of our customers, including leading OEM's and Universities.

Here are just a number of products we manufacture:

Solid & Canulated Drills & Reamers, Bone Drills, Canulated Drills, Peg Drills, Tibia Drills, Femoral Drills, IM (Intermedullary) Drills, Bayonnet Drills, Canulated Reamers, Taper Reamers, Femoral Reamers, Metatarsal (Toe) Reamers, Phalangeal (Toe) Reamers, Glenoid Reamers, IM (Intermedullary) Reamers, Tibial Resection Guides, Femoral Cutting Guides, Lag Screws, Guide Wires, Nails, Cutting Blocks, Drill Guides, Depth Stops, Patella Clamp, Introducers, Femoral Rasps, Metacarpal Rasps (Finger), Ulna Rasps (Elbow), Calcar Cutters, Humeral Surface Cutters, Screwdrivers, Universal Joint Screwdrivers, Tee Handles, Bone Taps, Bone Screws, Trephines, Chisels, Curettes, Trial Cups, Trial Heads, Trial Liners, Trial Knees

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